Making Life Easy (and the Red Balloons)

31 Oct 2006 - 9:53am
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Paul Adams

Hi folks,

I want to tell you about a project for World Usability Day called *Making
Life Easy*. And I'm hoping that you will stop by and let us know your
thoughts about good and bad design!

*What is it?*

Between now and World Usability Day (14th Nov), we'll be out on the streets
of London tying red balloons to examples of good and bad user experiences.

We've set up a blog and a Flickr group

We're documenting examples of good and bad design on the blog, and in the
case of the latter, providing solutions to how it could be better.

The aim is to:

- Raise awareness to business about the needlessly bad experiences they
create for their customers. And where appropriate, show how they might be
able to create a better experience.

- Raise awareness amongst the public about how design impacts on their

We'll be collecting votes for the Usability Hall of Shame and the Usability
Hall of Fame. We'd LOVE you to get involved.

Participants are encouraged to photograph good and bad user experiences and

- add it to our Flickr group

- email it to us (hello [at] and we'll post it to the

There are a few other things you could do to help:

1. Help get more people involved! If you have a blog, give us a shout out
and send people our way to participate. If you have a Flickr account, come
join our group and invite all your friends!

2. Share your examples of the best and the worst user experiences where you
live (or visit, or holiday). Add photos to the Flickr group, or drop us an
email and we'll add your submission to the website and potentially to the
Hall of Fame or Shame

3. Cast your vote! Take a look at the website and have your say in what
*really* drives you crazy and what you really love.

Thanks for listening,

Let us know your thoughts!



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