Silent failures with IxDA list

1 Nov 2006 - 12:27pm
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Prior to yesterday, I had attempted to post to the IxDA list three
times, without success. I tried both the email address in the footer:

> Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA)!
> To post to this list ....... discuss at

And the one at the top of the digest:

> Send discuss mailing list submissions to
> discuss at

In all cases, my messages failed to appear on the list. Yet I
received no bounce or other error message.

The problem turned out to be:
(a) my messages are sent with an S/MIME signature, and,
(b) the list software rejects all messages with attachments

Now, rejecting messages with attachments is good behaviour for a
mailing list. However, doing so silently is bad. Further, for the
special case of S/MIME signatures, they should be passed along or
stripped (and stripped for the digest), and not cause the entire
message to be rejected.


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