Silent failures with IxDA list -

1 Nov 2006 - 1:44pm
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Josh Seiden

Which brings to mind a key point:

IxDA is currently working to improve our members'
experience with the list. We use mailman to run the
list--and for various reasons are likely to do so for
some time.

If you have some special expertise in mailman and
would like to volunteer to help connect our
email-based list with our forthcoming web-based
platform, we would love to hear from you.

Write to me if you're interested in helping out.


--- Paul Schreiber <shrub at> wrote:

> [Please voluntarily trim replies to include only
> relevant quoted material.]
> Prior to yesterday, I had attempted to post to the
> IxDA list three
> times, without success. I tried both the email
> address in the footer:
> > Welcome to the Interaction Design Association
> (IxDA)!
> > To post to this list ....... discuss at
> And the one at the top of the digest:
> > Send discuss mailing list submissions to
> > discuss at
> In all cases, my messages failed to appear on the
> list. Yet I
> received no bounce or other error message.
> The problem turned out to be:
> (a) my messages are sent with an S/MIME signature,
> and,
> (b) the list software rejects all messages with
> attachments
> Now, rejecting messages with attachments is good
> behaviour for a
> mailing list. However, doing so silently is bad.
> Further, for the
> special case of S/MIME signatures, they should be
> passed along or
> stripped (and stripped for the digest), and not
> cause the entire
> message to be rejected.
> Paul

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