Communicating our discipline's values (was RE: Bill Moggridge talk at Ideo tonight)

4 Nov 2006 - 1:14pm
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Dave Malouf

> Can we get a good night's rest, snap out of this bickering
> about whose
> personal name tag has better foundations, and focus on how we get our
> entire community to know what they need to know to create
> winning designs?
> That's the question I'm most interested in.

Hmmm? 8-day old baby in the house. I don't expect a good night's sleep for a
few months. ;)

Seriously though, I totally agree with what you are saying and really
thought and still think that the Project Donahue effort that is going on to
make this virtual community is a great step in that regard.

We are also toying with a '07 or '08 IxDA Conference so we can work on
better articulating our ideas, goals, and efforts as practitioners in this

But on the X-disciplinary approach, all I can say is, this is what UXNet is
all about. Bringing these groups together to better communicate UX as an
umbrella set of interconnected and interdependent disciplines is a primary
goal of UXNet and one that I really support.

I like the way Jared pointed out the need for better tools, and I'd be
interesed in working with people to figure this out.

I do think though that "communities" by their very nature are bounded and
bordered and protective to some degree around a defensiveness of identity.
It is difficult to move away or into communities even virtual communities,
and I think this is a core issue around what we are speaking about here.

-- dave

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