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14 Nov 2006 - 7:27am
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Leisa Reichelt

As part of World Usability Day Flow Interactive has announced the
winners of the Usability Hall of Shame and Usability Hall of Fame and
is heralding the arrival of a new superhero for the modern age -
Usability Man!

For the past few weeks people across the world have been trumpeting
the products and services that make their lives easier and blowing the
whistle on those that do not. A Usability Hall of Shame and Fame has
emerged on the campaign website where people
have been rating the entries.

The Usability Hall of Shame winner is… parking ticket machines! From
London to Auckland parking ticket machines are causing mounting
frustration and annoyance. Unclear instructions, excessive effort,
and not being able to use payment cards are the woes that have taken
parking ticket machines to the top of the Usability Hall of Shame.

The Usability Hall of Fame winner is… a water-efficient toilet! The
toilet was encountered in a Tokyo hotel and uses the water from the
previous hand wash for the next flush. While the usability of the
basin for washing hands was challenged by several people, the
innovative idea and it's environmental credentials made the toilet a
clear winner with the voters.

The campaign team can also announce the arrival of a new superhero for
the modern age - Usability Man! At 3pm today Usability Man will land
at Oxford Circus in London where he will demonstrate the usability
powers at his disposal. He is able to make products more intuitive
than walking, more fun to use than a bouncy castle, and he can
transform ambiguity to clarity in single bound! His sworn mission is
to reverse the dark tide of usability pain, forever!

We will be out and about tying red balloons to the best examples and
the worst offenders we come across and we encourage you all to do the
same. We recommend you photograph the scene and post it on the
website to ensure that your statements continue to be made long after
the balloons disappear.

This evening we will be celebrating World Usability Day, the 'launch'
of Usability Man and the success of the blog at the Florence Pub off
Upper Street in Islington from 6pm on. Usability Man will be there,
but speeches, presentations and demos will not. Get there before
Usability Man's tab runs out! :)

Direction to the Florence can be found here:
Leisa Reichelt
User Experience Consultant

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