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20 Nov 2006 - 9:11am
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Hi - and thanks for the great discussion that's going on here!

I'm currently looking into different ways of navigating and interacting with small handheld devices. In a recent discussion my team begun to discuss the Sony Cross media bar concept (XMB) and its pros and cons. Does anyone here have any thoughts in the matter? Some of the issues that I (personally) are thinking about:

* How well does the solution scale when there is a lot of content? Lots of labelling of content required in order to be useful?

* Is it a good solution for all kinds of interactive spaces? It works OK for PSP and its content, but for other types of devices (like PDAs, mobile phones etc.) and content as well?

Any thoughts on the matter are more than welcome.



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20 Nov 2006 - 10:55am

Good high level presentation of content categories
Low user memory map learning curve of category element placement. (Sorry,
whats the correct term for this?)
Utilizes the advantages of iconography.
Expands well within the constraints of a small form factor screen.

Does not work well with content manipulation. Its designed for accessing
content, in this case games/video, and then relies content providers to
build their own navigation.
It requires clean definition between categories as well as a balanced load
of elements between the high level categories.

It could be considered something of a 'dumbed down' high level menu.
Suitable for a media center pc, a mobile phone, information kiosk etc. I
would not consider it as a suitable solution for a PDA. In short, good for
media access, does not translate down in to function manipulation. That is
not to say you cant use it in conjunction with another menu style as is the
case with the PSP.

I have a lot of respect for the design but would look towards the IPod
interface as an alternative better suited to driving functionality. I am
currently working on a UI for a portable oscilloscope (1.2" x 1.2 ",
116px/116px) and have found the IPod style very versatile as well as

regards - pauric

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