[agile-usability] Prototyping with WPF and XAML vs. HTML

7 Dec 2006 - 11:17pm
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I've been creating high-fidelity prototypes using HTML and CSS for a client
PC application. The system architect says they are moving toward using
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML (Extensible Application
Markup Language). We are discussing how this will affect how we prototype
and build the application in the future.

Prototyping with HTML has been quick and easy for turnaround time and for
remotely reviewing with user groups. I'm concerned about the learning curve
and programing aspects of prototyping using WPF and XAML. I'd like to hear
from other UI and interaction designers about their experiences with low-
and high-fidelity prototyping in HTML vs. WPF and XAML.

Please respond to the list or to me directly.

Theo Mandel, Ph.D.


19 Aug 2007 - 4:57pm
Leonardo Vernazza

Hi, we are developing a graphic user interface builder (aka \"guilder\") for Visual Studio, supporting WPF.

The tool enables what we call \"continuous prototyping\" by using controls and models in the process.

The version available for downloading is quite old, but we will realease a new one in a few months.

You can see more info at: www.himalia.net

19 Aug 2007 - 5:17pm
Dave Malouf

Leonardo, I'm definitely interest in this, but can you explain a bit
about how it works compared to Expression Studio?

-- dave

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30 Aug 2007 - 4:59pm
Leonardo Vernazza

Sorry by my late response. (I thought that the rss was going to notify me after any response to my comment)

We are takling the UI development with a model-driven approach, using different models for each UI aspect (use cases, navigation, presentation) an providing the way join them.

Also, our model consideres controls as first-class citizens for UI development. That is, they are remained as a unit from the desing-time until the runtime.

You can build your own controls using Expression Studio or buy controls out there to many of the controls vendors in the market. Then, you can use them from our tool with drag & drop.

Any wpf control can be used from himalia if you implement a two-methods-interface. In our tool, you just choose the controls, you don\'t code them (you can code them in Expression or in VS, wherever you prefer).

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