App's and stages

20 Dec 2006 - 10:37pm
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Mark Schraad

Seems that there is a quite a range on this group as to what we are
all applying our interaction models and practices to. For me, I spend
a lot of time in basic web 1.0 models involving facilitation of
commerce. In these cases the interactions must be largely expected
and predictable by the users and the designers. We do not have a lot
of time for our "users" to learn or adjust. Others seem to be
developing interactions that are for more dedicated users. Those that
will repeat these interactions or even be trained for them. And of
course there seems to be everything in between.

I am interested in the segmentation or grouping of users based upon
time (spent with the interaction models), learned process and skill
level adjustments. I am looking for papers, books or articles that
study this phenomenon and methods and any existing taxonomies for
working with the ranges in user skill. I have read some of Piaget,
Buner and Erickson's work but would like to explore more recent
thoughts (without pursuing a PhD in psych). Any input would be very



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