ADMIN: Sorry to say this, but the thread on Umbrella needs to stop

26 Apr 2004 - 6:20am
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Dave Malouf

Hey there folks,

I am going to request that we move the conversation about umbrella and
respect and all its new variants to the workgroup list.

Since many people will be coming in after a long weekend and might not get
this message in time, please realize that some people will make a posting
after this message is sent. That's fine. If someone asks you a specific
question please be sure to direct your response ONLY to that person.

If I see a lot of back and forth I am going to put the list in moderation. I
understand this is a great topic, but we do have a place to talk about it on
a different list.

Thank you,
-- dave

David Heller
dave at

AIM: bolinhanyc // Y!: dave_ux // MSN: hippiefunk at

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