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6 Jan 2007 - 6:23pm
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Barbara Ballard

We'd like your participation!

Little Springs Design has posted a wiki containing the pattern library
in my new book, Designing the Mobile User Experience. So far, it's
got around 10 patterns posted, with more to come in the next few

If you are designing a mobile application, check out the library. Use
what you find.

If you are an experienced designer, go ahead and get an account.
Modify the site. Add to it. Repost it elsewhere (according to the
liberal license). Discuss it. Make the pictures better. Let me know
what you think.

If you have a design situation that you frequently see, go ahead and
create a new pattern page simply by referring to it; either you or
somebody else can fill in the actual design.

Barbara Ballard
barbara at 1-785-838-3003

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