"carpet" of bookmarks and sessions ("inside" tabs and windows)

8 Jan 2007 - 10:12pm
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Esteban Barahona

This may be purely linguistical, but what are exactly sessions? This is one
of the features in which Opera was unique. Each session is a group of web
pages, it can be auto-saved (useful after a crash and for consistency of
information) or it can be saved by users. But looking at it, why is a
session different from a group of webpages inside a "carpet" of the
bookmarks library? Isn't that redundant?

Firefox has a feature that (as of this writting) isn't implemented in Opera:
save all open webpages (the tabs in a window). Isn't this basically the same
as saving a session? btw, Firefox cann't manually save sessions (without
extensions) it just auto-saves sessions (that opens after a crash).

Sessions and Bookmarks "carpets" can be one... they may even be called in
another way (imagine an auto-saved or last-read session in the
"bookmarks-menu"). If this session has a second level (another "carpet"),
then it may represent a new window (the bookmarks in the top-level are the
"top-window", the rest opens "as tabs inside a new window"). "carpets"
(capable of more than 2 levels) may still be used along with sessions. But
if it's so, then does the session-carpet should behave as a special carpet
(with 2 levels limit)? Or should it be "converted on-the-go" to a regular
carpet if users ad a new level (that cann't be opened inside a window...
unless we cut the window in two jeje)?

Maybe this is overthinking, but web-browsers can be streamlined. Why not
call the Bookmarks-menu WebSites or WebPages? Is bookmarks clear enough (for
first users, old-time users are "comfortable" because of habits). And now
that we're at it, why a "file" menu in a web-browser? Shouldn't some "file"
functions be in the website menu (like Print)? And why "save webpage" is in
"file-menu" and not in "edit-menu" near copy, paste, delete?

This is not only about web-browsers but someone mentioned in a web-forum (
www.linuxquestions.org if I recall correctly ) about naming windows in a
different way, like boxes. Windows (boxes?), Files (information?), Carpets
(lists?), and other desktop-names aren't clear at all in most cases, IMO.


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