JOB: Senior Analyst at iQ Content, Dublin, Ireland - Full Time

16 Jan 2007 - 6:27am
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John Wood

COMPANY: iQ Content Ltd. (
LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
POSITION TITLE: Senior Analyst

iQ Content is looking for an experienced user experience professional
to join our rapidly growing team in the position of Senior Analyst.
The Senior Analyst will lead project teams to help build better
websites, better software and better services for our clients and
their customers.

The Senior Analyst must be comfortable working alone or as part of a
small team. He or she must provide our clients with insightful
analysis of their current situation and then translate this into
concrete designs and recommendations for improvement.

Senior Analysts share responsibility for project management and
client relationship management. They are committed advocates of the
value of user experience design and help grow iQ Content's business
by building our reputation as professional, passionate, problem-solvers.

Finally, every one of our senior analysts brings something unique to
the iQ Content team, some contribution of knowledge or experience
that makes the company smarter and better at what we do. Therefore,
their responsibilities extend into research and professional
development of their own career and the careers of their team mates.

Successful candidates will have 5+ years experience in this field and
will have practical experience in three or more of the following

* Usability evaluation and usability testing methodologies
* Interaction design
* Information architecture
* Web/search analytics
* Using personas and scenarios to model user goals
* Business processes and workflow for content management systems
* Web accessibility
* Writing for the web and the creation of usable persuasive content

In addition the candidate should have most or all of the following
skills and characteristics:

* Strong communicator. The candidate must have the ability to
articulate complex ideas and concepts in a simple and straightforward
manner, either verbally, in writing or using designs and illustrations.
* Presenter and facilitator. Presenting ideas and running workshops
are part and parcel of what we do. The candidate must have expertise
in both.
* Consensus builder. Our clients often have diverse and conflicting
ideas and objectives. The candidate must be able to consolidate these
requirements and build consensus through high-quality designs and
* Delivery focused. World-class solutions are useless if they are not
delivered on time. The candidate must have a strong delivery-focused
ethic and the ability to "get the job done".
* Technology savvy. This is not a technical role, but the candidate
should be comfortable talking to our clients about content management
systems, style sheets, XML and other basic aspects of web development.

iQ Content is a user experience design consultancy based in Dublin,
Ireland. We help smart organisations from across Europe to build
websites and web applications that are better for their users and
better for their businesses.

Better for users – better for business:
The iQ Content team are passionate about placing users at the heart
of the design process. We take the time to understand what people
want to do on a website and why, then translate those insights into
concrete designs. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' customers
have an easy time online and come away with a positive impression of
the experience. We're not just public-spirited, though – we simply
understand that a better user experience is a smart business
investment that can grow a business, cut costs and build customer

A better place to work:
iQ Content is dedicated to building a smart, motivated team and a
great working environment. We try to provide our people with every
opportunity to learn and to grow in their roles. Every member of the
team has the opportunity to contribute to the growth and culture of
the company in a real way, and to help build what we consider to be
one of the best little companies in Ireland (or anywhere else).

To apply for this role, email your CV to jobs at with the
subject line "Senior Analyst application". Applicants must be willing
to move to Dublin, Ireland and must already be eligible to work in
the EU.

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