Guidelines/literature for TV interface and mobile interface design

24 Jan 2007 - 4:55am
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Marc specht

Hi all,

Currenntly i am working on one corporate application which will run on
different devices (control room TV or large display have a different
interface for the application and store boy have different interface for
PDA/mobile). Currently the deiveces under consideration are TV and Mobile

i was wondering that are there any existing guildeliens for interface deisng
for TV and other large displays. I know number of guildelines for mobile
interface deisgn but if someone could divert me towards mobile and TV
interface design guidlines/practices then it will be really nice and

Same application which will be running on different devices need totally
different interfaces. Design of the application interface for 2 totally
different devices mainly depends on the context and type of the application
but i was wondering that are there any existing literature and guildines
which could help me in understanding that how to design one application
interface for 2 different devices? What are the standard widget
replacements? and any other related stuff.

>From process point of view: Should someone start desinging from general
interface for the application and then be specific for particular device

i am a new member, so if there is any previous discussion on the similar
topic then any pointer to that will be helpful as well!



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