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26 Jan 2007 - 3:03pm
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Lana Carlene

I have a limited training budget available, and I'm interested in both
the IA Summit (March) and the UPA Conference (June). The session
descriptions are up for IA and look outstanding, but UPA's won't be up
until late Feb! How do I decide? Which would have more recent,
non-published ideas and materials (my thinking is, I can always buy
related books if I can't attend). Another concern is that I don't know
what to expect for UPA conference fees.

My role is focused on usability throughout the design/dev process, yet
IA activities are also a main responsibility.

I have not been to either conference before. If you have previously
attended either, please let me know your experiences. I've personally
never met a conference I didn't like, and meeting new peers is
priceless. :-)
Thanks for your help!

Lana Carlene | Usability Specialist

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