Richer distributed apps (was RE: web design)

5 May 2004 - 4:18pm
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Dave Malouf

Andrei chimed in w/
<<While I did all the design work to make a frame-based chat system work in
a web browser for the last company I worked for, all I kept asking
was: "This is silly. Why don't we just make a thin-client and do this
right?" The whole frames thing really is a serious band-aid, and generally
points out that one is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Bite the bullet. If your web app requires robust interaction, dump the
browser and do it right. >>

<plug by="dave">
If you are very interested in alternative (some might say "rich") formats
for distributed GUIs, please go to to join my
e-mail list to talk about just those issues. ;) Yea! ... Thanx for the
segway Andrei.

I will say that one thing against RIAs is the plug-in issue for firewalls. I
know Macromedia and MS are trying to make plugins more secure, but this is
the big issue. Of course the more secure they make them, the less you can do
w/ them and voila you lost a lot of the value of using them in the first
place. ;)

I like Central/Flex as a possible good model if the licensing model for
central made a bit more sense.

To make this an IxD issue though is around the concept of richness in
software design. We see so clearly that both Apple and MS are making richer
and more engaging experiences and they DO make a difference to usability and
user satisfaction. The HTML-web platform makes achieving this level of
application design very difficult.

-- dave

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