Free swipr workshop in Las Vegas & Washington

19 Feb 2007 - 11:01am
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As you are probably aware, the IA Summit 2007 will be held in Las Vegas,
from the 22nd to the 26th of March ( And I
will be there, attending both pre conference workshops and the conference
itself. The IA Summit has been very inspiring for me over the last couple of
years, and the warm reception of swipr´s predecessor in Austin in 2004 has
been a very important driver for me to create swipr and make it available to
the IA community.

(for those of you that do not yet know what swipr is: It is a Visio add-on
that helps you to easily integrate Viso screenflows and multiple wireframe
documents into one integrated HTML package, with simple prototyping
features. Take a look at for more info and examples)

For this conference, I have proposed a free workshop to help people get
started with swipr, but unfortunately, it was not accepted. This was partly
because it was a proposal for a half-day pre-conference workshop, but free
of charge. This doesn't fit with the normal way the pre-conf workshops are
treated. However, I would still like to do some form of swipr promotion
during the conference. So, if you are coming to the IA Summit, what would
you like to see?

- Basic installation & setup of swipr;
- Examples of how to work with swipr;
- Help with your current problems involving swipr;
- Information on how to extend swipr with extra possibilities;
- Any other stuff you can think about.

If you are attending the Summit, and would like to get together to discuss
any of the items mentioned, or anything else, please let me know, and also
let me know when you would like to meet up. It seems that most of my Friday
will be free, and there will be possibilities around Summit sessions aswell.
As soon as I get an idea of how many people would like to see swipr, I can
start to set up some sessions.

Also, I will be travelling back to Amsterdam via Washington. If anyone
overthere is interested in a swipr presentation or workshop, let me know. I
might be able to arrange something on the Thursday or Friday (29/30) after
the IA Summit, if you're interested.

Hope to see you in Vegas or Washington!

Jacco Nieuwland

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