[iai-members] Conference: FITC '07 (originally 'Flash In The Can')

23 Feb 2007 - 10:42am
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Thomas Vander Wal

If you are working with well structured information/data for use in
Ajax or building user modifiable interfaces FITC is well work the
time. The reason being is FLEX is a very powerful tool that makes
building rich interfaces relatively easy and can build Flash
interfaces that work in more browsers than Ajax from the same data
used for Ajax and other parts of the site (hopefully all of it is)
that embraces well structured information/data.

While a portion (some years a very large portion) of FITC is eye-candy
related, there are parts that really start expanding information/data
visualization in ways that are more helpful to people using the site
to view and manage their information and interests.

All the best,

On 2/22/07, Livia Labate <liv at livlab.com> wrote:
> FITC '07 (originally 'Flash In The Can')
> http://www.fitc.ca
> I've never been - looks very eye-candyish, but wanted to get a better sense
> from folks who are NOT responsible for just visual design where they work
> (but other aspects of design), on whether or not this is worthwhile. Do you
> recommend it? Why?
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