Anchoring similar data attributes during Searchacross multiple data types

23 Feb 2007 - 2:20pm
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Dante Murphy

If your dataset is not too large, you could probably have an interactive
result set using "OR" conditions within a structured vocabulary. For
example, you can set some parametric ranges for price, some literal
values for land type, and require that the user specify one or more
unique values in the set to display over a scoped map, much like Yahoo

If the dataset is too large, or if interactivity is not required, then
you could just use a standard query builder.

Maybe I'm missing some nuance, but the solution seems pretty
straightforward. Hope my comments help.


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Apologies for the title. A picture would be so much easier to explain.
We have a rich GIS mapping application that serves the Oil and Gas
industry. One of its functions is the ability to query a vast array of
data types such as wells, batteries, fields, crown land, freehold land,
dominion land, indian lands etc. The data types, especially the land
data types, contain similar data attributes such as expiry date,
price/hectare, bonus price, issue date, Hydrocarbon substance licenced,
etc. Presently a user who wishes to find all Freehold land expirying by
12/31/2007 and all Crown Land expirying by the same date has to run two
separate queries,(searches). We do not allow queries on similar data
attributes across separate data types until now.....
We have been toying with the idea of an "anchor" on data attributes
that are related between data types. The thinking being that a user
could create a query against data type Freehold Land, data attribute
expiry date and upon running the query, more than one query would be
performed. So in the above example, an expiry date query against
Freehold land would also run queries against data types crown land,
dominion land, indian land that were expirying on the same date. All
this would be inititated by the user having the option to set data
attribute anchors On or Off.
The example here is the simple case. Users can build complex queries
that contain more than one data attribute.
For example: Freehold land Expirying 12/31/2007 and Substance = oil and
price/hectare is $200 and operator is Nexan.
Throw anchors on/off into a query like this and a few minutes on the
whiteboard starts getting real ugly.

Is there any similar concepts out there in web search engines or free
software that I could download and take a look at?

Mark Pawson

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