Lecturer in Interaction Design (Oslo, Norway)

5 Mar 2007 - 7:14am
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Simon Clatworthy

AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design) is in the process
of building up an interaction design group, with teachers,
researchers and PhD students. We already teach Interaction Design at
MA level and are developing other part-time and full-time courses.
We have a clear focus upon the design of evocative user experiences
and work with traditional interaction design and novel designs for
both products and for services.

We now have a position available for a teacher in a full time
position, and are looking for people who are interested in teaching
part-time. If you are interested in sharing your design knowledge
with up and coming interaction designers, and at the same time
picking up some directions for future developments in the field, then
please get in touch. Teaching at this level is a two way dialogue
and gives a lot back to both teacher and student. We might not be
able to compete on wages but can offer much much more in other areas.

Details about the full-time position are available at www.aho.no. If
you are interested in part-time teaching opportunities, then get in
touch with Simon Clatworthy (clatwort at online.no). If you are
interested in research or a possible PhD, then get in touch too. We
expect openings there too in the near future.

Simon Clatworthy
Professor of Interaction Design
Institute for Design
Tel: +47 22 99 71 41
Mob: +47 911 42 337

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