JOB: interaction designer at Cooper, San Francisco CA

14 Mar 2007 - 2:21pm
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Kim Goodwin

Wanted: Compulsive problem-solvers with excellent visualization,
collaboration and communication skills.

What Cooper interaction designers do

Cooper interaction designers are responsible for leading the design of
product form and behavior. They work closely with design communicators,
visual designers, industrial designers, and engineers to:

* Conduct stakeholder and user research that gives clients insight
into their problems.
* Define personas, scenarios, and requirements to guide design,
inspire clients and build consensus.
* Generate compelling designs (from concept to pixels) that will
win the hearts of users.
* Present work to clients in such a clear and persuasive manner
that they not only know how to build it, but can't wait to get started.

What it takes to be one

We're looking for candidates with 4+ years of professional experience
designing digital products and services. You're also good at:

* Understanding complex systems and processes, both software-based
and in the real world of people and atoms. You're as excited about data
analysis tools as you are about consumer electronics.
* Visualizing solutions with digital tools, whiteboard markers,
napkins and ballpoint pens, even sticks and patches of dirt. You're
compelled to express your ideas visually anywhere, anytime, in whatever
medium happens to be at your disposal.
* Presenting your work before a room of curious (and sometimes
skeptical) developers, interested (and sometimes demanding) marketers,
and time-challenged (and sometimes impatient) executives.
* Learning new things. You're as interested in what worries
stakeholders as you are in understanding what makes surgeons,
commodities traders, teenagers, and purchasing agents tick.
* Being decisive. You value user feedback, but don't require it to
make a judgment call.
* Working collaboratively. We believe that the exchange of ideas
among the members of small, nimble teams is the fastest route to the
best solutions.
* Empathizing. Our design method is built around satisfying the
needs and motivations of real people. If you want to make things better,
we want you.

Sound like the kind of work you'd love to do? Send a cover letter
describing why you want to work here along with a resume and work
samples to careers at We also strongly encourage you to show us
what you can do with our interaction design exercise, which you can find

You can also meet members of the Cooper team at CHI booth #35.

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