JOB: visual interface designer at Cooper, San Francisco CA

14 Mar 2007 - 2:24pm
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Kim Goodwin

Are you a world-class visual designer who believes that usability and
desirability go hand-in-hand?

What visual interface designers do
Cooper visual designers are responsible for balancing usability with
desirability-using color, style, type, icons, information design, and
visual hierarchy to clarify data, indicate relationships, hint at
behavior, and communicate about brand. In collaboration with interaction
designers, design communicators and other team members, they:

* Conduct research that gives clients insight into their brand.
* Create a visual language strategy that achieves brand and user
* Iteratively refine a visual system that supports the
interaction, that makes people want to spend time with the product, and
that engineers can build.
* Present visual design work and rationale, helping clients assess
the work based on the brand and persona goals rather than personal

What it takes to be one
We're looking for candidates with 3+ years doing visual design for
digital products, ideally in a consulting environment. You're a smart,
collaborative, pragmatic consultant who's all about solving visual
design problems. You also:

* Have superb information and graphic design skills (and a
Bachelor's degree in graphic design or a closely related field).

* Understand interface and interaction design principles as they
relate to Web sites, desktop applications, handheld devices, and

* Understand branding as it relates to user experience.

* Combine the courage of your convictions with the willingness
to ask for help, follow direction, and exchange constructive critique
with peers.

* Communicate clearly about design, from delivering persuasive
presentations to writing detailed style guides.

* Have a sharp wit and a manner that inspires trust and
confidence in clients.

* Consistently deliver brilliant design on a deadline.

* Can crank out multiple unique stylistic approaches to a

* Have a desire to keep learning throughout your career.

* Understand the capabilities and limitations of common GUI

* Are a master of common graphic design and Web design tools.

We like animators and print designers, but that's not the job we're
hiring for. We're looking for people who want to work full-time at our
San Francisco office. We only occasionally use contractors.

Sound like fun? Send a resume, cover letter, and work samples to
careers at <mailto:careers at> . We also strongly
encourage you to try your hand at our visual design exercise, which you
can find at

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