JOB: design communicator at Cooper, San Francisco CA

14 Mar 2007 - 3:20pm
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Kim Goodwin

If you're the kind of person who helps others see more clearly, you
might be a design communicator.

What's a design communicator?

We invented the design communicator role years ago because we understood
that great product designs only succeed when they're clearly
communicated to the people who fund, build, and sell them. As it turns
out, having someone focused on clear and thorough communication also
means we have someone ensuring clear and thorough thinking throughout
the project.

Design communicators lead our teams in communicating research,
requirements, and design solutions the right way to the right audience
at the right time. To do that, they must know the design and the
rationale behind it inside and out. Each design communicator works with
an interaction designer as a full-time thought partner to interview
users, develop personas, generate requirements, and create design
solutions. Much of that work also includes collaboration with visual
designers, engineers, and other team members.

While the interaction designer leads the creation of design solutions,
the design communicator leads the evolution of those solutions by
synthesizing information, clarifying and evaluating half-baked ideas,
developing scenarios, and articulating the rationale behind the team's
decisions every step of the way.

Who makes a good design communicator?

We're looking for candidates with 4+ years of professional experience
related to high-tech products and services. Right now, you may be a
product or project manager, information architect, technical writer,
user researcher, usability engineer-or a dilettante in a high-tech job
who knows there must be a better way to design and develop products. You

* Have strong writing skills, whether you're persuading people of
a point or explaining how something works.
* Synthesize ideas and help people around you think more clearly.
* Are an organized thinker and project planner who helps others be
effective and efficient.
* Salivate at the thought of writing actionable user research
documents and detailed design specifications that developers actually
want to read.
* Are looking for a place where there's a repeatable, successful
design process and plenty of mentoring.
* Want a full-time job in San Francisco that you'll enjoy for many
* Want to design products that work right.

Sound like fun? Send a resume, cover letter and our design communication
exercise (at to
careers at <mailto:careers at> . You're also welcome to
point us to a portfolio or send other work samples.

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