[PLUG] Free swipr workshop @ IA Summit

20 Mar 2007 - 1:15pm
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Swipr Information

Hi there,

We will be hosting a free swipr workshop in Las Vegas, on Friday the 23rd of
March. Time and location still need to be determined, and depend on the
number of people that will show up. Time and location will be communicated
to anyone expressing their interest and on the boards in the conference

The goal of the workshop is to touch upon (and possibly go into much detail
for) the following points:

- Basic installation & setup of swipr;
- Examples of how to work with swipr (real-life examples, including
prototyping and extended documentation);
- Help with your current problems involving swipr;
- Information on how to extend swipr with extra possibilities;
- Any other stuff you can think about.

If you are interested and haven't already told us, please do not hesitate to
let us know. Also if you haven't downloaded or used swipr before, but are in
the market for a wireframeing/prototyping solution, have a look at what we
are doing with swipr!

Hope to see you in Vegas,

Jacco Nieuwland
info at swipr.com

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