design guidelines, etc for J2ME?

20 Mar 2007 - 11:38pm
9 years ago
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Soo Basu

I'm designing a J2ME application for mobile phones. Can anyone point me to
usability guidelines, design methods, "best practices" etc...?
Can I give a better UX with J2ME than with WAP?

"The details are not the details. They make the design' - Charles Eames
Sunandini Basu
Interaction Designer


22 Mar 2007 - 4:33pm
Morten Hjerde

You can absolutely build a much better user interface with J2ME than with
WAP or XHTML. If the result is a better UX depends mainly on deployment and
whether your app is standalone or connected to a server. Are your users able
to install and run the application without operator related problems? In
some countries this seems to be a problem.

You can find quite a bit of information over at Nokia <>. Check out the Usability section. There are UI
style guides for all the Nokia software plattforms, tips, tricks, etc.


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