Master's program in Interaction Design, Malmö, Sweden

22 Mar 2007 - 3:54am
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Jonas Löwgren


Malmö University, Sweden, offers a two-year study program leading to
a Master's degree in Interaction Design.

The program is studio-based and suitable for professional practice as
well as a research career. The first year introduces a range of hot
topics in interaction design (such as Physical computing, Mass media
and interactive media, Critical design, and Digital gaming) as well
as methods and tools for interaction design. The second year is an
individual specialization.

The formal requirement to enter the program is a Bachelor's degree in
a relevant subject (e.g., fine art, product design or architecture,
informatics or computer science, cognitive science or media studies).
Admission is based on portfolio and an interaction design assignment.
We admit 16 students per year. There are no tuition fees.
Applications are due before April 15. Studies start in early September.

Learn more about the Master's program in interaction design at http://

More information about Malmö University at

Jonas Löwgren

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