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22 Mar 2007 - 6:51am
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John Gr√łtting

We are looking at the issue of how customers can securely identify
themselves on websites to access their personal information. Our
client operates the loyalty program of a large corporation.
Obviously, single-sign-on would make a huge step forward. But, are
there other more innovative ideas out there. Currently, their
customers receive a card for the loyalty program with their customer
identification number. Then the customer has to enter a PIN on the
website to get at their information. If the registered for the
program by mail, then they won't have a PIN. If they didn't enter
their email address then there won't even be a way to confirm their

I know that we all have so many usernames and passwords that it
becomes very difficult to remember which one we used on which
website. This is particularly true of sites that are less frequently
used and where one is a new member.

I have seen credit card sized USB cards that one could use to contain
a secure identification of a person. This might be used as a backup
means of identification, perhaps.

Has anyone seen innovative or even simple solutions to make life
easier for customers to securely identify themselves on websites.


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22 Mar 2007 - 10:27am


Check out OpenID. It's URI based authentication, and it's a bit of a hot

Josh Viney
EastMedia Group

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