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22 Mar 2007 - 6:34pm
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Ryan Lum

The Senior Project Manager needs to work with the Account Services team to translate client direction into successful executions. In addition to the standard Project Manager responsibilities, the Senior Project Manager is requested to provide guidance to other project management and company employees with regard to the role of Project Managers, and to assist the VP, Design and Development in leading the Project Management group.

The primary responsibility of the Project Manager is to coordinate and manage production staff for creation and maintenance of web sites, online campaign creative and e-mail creative. This position requires the knowledge, abilities and skills to analyze, plan, estimate, and manage resources to complete specific assignments.
Responsible for providing Account Services with time and cost information for the production of web sites, online campaign creative, and e-mails to be incorporated into client estimate.
Responsible for developing individual project schedules, this includes the scheduling of the internal reviews, Creative Review, Account Services Review, Quality Assurance Review.
Responsible for directing the development of source documentation as needed for client medical/legal reviews.
Responsible for defining scope of work for the production of web sites, online campaigns and e-mail programs by providing time and cost estimates, with assumptions clearly stated. Also required to participate in the development of scope documentation to assure scope estimated matched what is proposed.
Responsible for identifying and scheduling contract resources when internal resources are not available for scheduled work. The Project Manager will provide the Human Resource Manager with contractor request forms for required resources.
Responsible for circulating client assets to the appropriate resources upon receipt from the Account Service team.
Responsible for managing all aspects of projects production including kickoff, requirements analysis, development, testing and launch. This includes the scheduling and review of deliverables for each of these steps.
Responsible for leading all production meetings and activities of the production team.
Responsible for maintaining and communicating project plans and timelines to production team and Account Services.
Responsible for maintaining awareness of all issues facing the project, and working with appropriate personnel to develop solutions.
Responsible for reporting project progress/status on a regular basis to the Account Service team and management.
Responsible for determining costs for all stock art images as communicated by the Art Director. The Project Manager will develop purchase order, including circulation to Account Services and Finance, purchase images and maintain a central file of all stock art purchase orders and their associated project numbers.
Responsible for delivering work on time and on budget.
Senior Project Manager additional duties: Assist in implementing and monitoring Project Management standards, Provide mentoring to other Project Managers, Fulfill the role of Project Manager on new business pitches as requested, Provide educational presentations and/or training sessions to other company employees about the role of the Project Manager within the company.

Must be able to handle multiple, diverse tasks simultaneously.
Must be able to lead and manage diverse staff.
Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Must have excellent organizational and time management skills.
Must have a focus on detail and driving results.
Must exhibit strong leadership abilities, and must exercise good judgment.
Must have a high degree of energy, motivation and dedication to quality & excellence.
Required Experience:

Bachelor's degree Marketing, MIS, or Business Administration or related field.
Interactive Agency experience is strongly preferred.
Understanding of web fundamentals and methodologies.
Two to three years experience in technology and/or technical production are required, preferably in Web related projects is strongly preferred.


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