Subject: Re: what is this, Usenet? Macs vs. all others

12 May 2004 - 2:58pm
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Christian Simon

> Apple
> was repeatedly cited as an example of everything you'd want your brand
> to be: known, consistent, clear, attractive.

Apple also positions very well in their markets, because they take risks
that other companies dare not. Apple was ditching the 3.5 floppy while Win
was still using it to boot their BIOS. And, Apple was head-to-head with Sony
with the standardization of FireWire and USB when PCs were still using
serial connections for their keyboards. I've had many difficulties just
trying to find my old serial keyboard when my PC crashed and can't handle
USB. The iPod is a notable example of Apple's success because it arrived
ahead of it's time. Apple clearly beat Sony to market with the iPod.


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