FW: Labelling Progress Indicators [was Breadcrumbs]

13 May 2004 - 8:56am
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Narey, Kevin

Correct - this is a wizard, but with non-linear linking as per a shopping
experience hence there is no hierarchy but a broken down form with
dependencies i.e. you can't order a vehicle without a customer etc. Having
the whole form on one page would be unmanageable at best.

>Breadcrumbs normally show a hierarchical tree, not the cumulative
progression through steps.
Ok perhaps I should have said 'progress indicator' i.e. Amazon?

Not sure where your sitemap reference came from but thanks for your

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>Configure/Confirm Customer > Configure/Confirm Vehicle > Add Options >
>Confirm Financials > Confirm Order
>Customer Details > Vehicle Details > Dealer Options > Financials >
>reasoned subjective opinion on it.

My reasoned, subjective opinion:

1] I'm confused by what your question implies about your sitemap.

Are the pages to the right of the '>' *children* of the pages to the
left? i.e.:
Parent > child > grandchild > etc.

Or are they steps in a wizard? i.e.:
Parent > Step:1 (child)
Parent > Step:2 (child)
Parent > Step:3 (child)

To put it another way, is 'Confirm Order' a *subset* of 'Confirm
Financials'? Are there other things under 'Confirm Financials' that the
customer could go to *from* CF *instead* of CO?

It looks like your site uses the wizard metaphor (steps). If that is the
case, then your breadcrumbs are not reflecting this. Breadcrumbs
normally show a hierarchical tree, not the cumulative progression
through steps.

2] The breadcrumbs should be named whatever the pages themselves are
named. Don't make the user guess the correlation between breadcrumb
indicator and page title.

3] Go with #2, the shorter names. The extra words do not illuminate the
user's position any further.

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