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27 Mar 2007 - 11:52am
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Hi Jeff,

For several years now, I have been using a product called Case Complete
(by Serlio)that you may want to look at...

Here's a link

Once I downloaded the demo, I was using the software in less than 5
minutes and haven't stopped since.

Case Complete allows you to create use cases, organize them into
packages, assign primary and secondary actors to each UC, and more.

You can also manage any requirements that "fall out" of the UCs.
Although our Requirement teams like to use Requisite Pro for this :(

The most useful part of the tool is the multiple report views. You can
look at all the UCs, a single package of UCs, actors, issues, etc.

You can publish or export a report in html or as a word doc.

Give it a look, it has really made my life easier

Jim Brennsteiner
Principal Design Integrator
brennste at

On 3/23/07, Jeff Axup <axup at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm working on a project where we're entering into a large
> analysis stage. This will involve a large number of use cases (often
> called
> scenarios). The use cases need to be directly tied to corresponding
> requirements. There will be high and low level use cases, with some as
> subsets of others. Additionally, they need to be tied to user roles
> personas at times), and there will often be a many-to-one pairing
> roles and uses cases, and requirements and use cases. So a static tree
> model
> probably won't work.
> This points to the need for a tool to organize this and present it in
> dynamic manner (via a web page with an underlying database comes to
> I've been thinking about using Excel, MS project, Word outlines, or a
> hand-coded DB with a web front end, but all seem to fall short in
terms of
> effectiveness and ease of use.
> Has anyone found a good tool (either specifically for use case
> organization,
> or for more general management of data in cross-referenced trees)
> they've used for this in the past? Any thoughts on usability of these
> (potential) products?
> Best Regards,
> Jeff

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