JOB: Opsware, Sunnyvale, CA, USA: User Experience Designer

20 May 2004 - 5:08pm
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Dave Malouf

[NOTE: replying to me will get you nowhere; be sure to reply to info listed
below in the ad]

Job Title: User Experience Designer
Organization: Engineering
Location: Sunnyvale CA


We are looking for a jack-of-all trades with some killer skills. Our ideal
candidate is smart, creative, talented, a quick thinker, good natured,
flexible, creative, enthusiastic, well-spoken and who writes well. We will
considering trading some experience or schooling requirements in view of
your exceptional talent and potential.

You will be responsible for gathering, organizing, and writing UI
requirements for Opsware, and then designing the UI.


*Review marketing requirements and functional requirements for potential
issues, write detailed UI requirements

*Design effective Uis for Opsware products

*Install and run Opsware as part of the UI process

*Work directly for Director of Product Design

*Work closely with engineering, development, support, and quality assurance
teams, to ensure that UI is feature complete and appropriate, while
delivering on marketing's expectations.

*Assist in planning and scheduling of requirements.

*Use tools and techniques to prototype and model user behavior.

*Provide insightful feedback and use your experience to improve the quality
of the product and reduce the complexity of the UI.

*Create web templates that can be implemented.

*Generate and run internal and external usability tests.


*A Masters or Ph.D degree in HF, HCI, IE or another related field and
knowledge of industry practices and tools.

*A minimum of two years experience creating true web applications. UI
samples (or URLs) must be included with Resume submission.

* Thorough understanding of web technology and traditional application
development processes and practices.

* Excellent requirement writing skills, some proficiency in at least a few
related skills (e.g.,HTML, CBT content development, JavaScript, requirement
gathering, Usability Testing, Graphic Design, prototyping)

*Firm ability to grasp technical details and new technology, and to clearly
articulate requirements.

*Interest in making the entire product better, not just the UI

*Ability to pro-actively gather required data from internal sources; manage
multiple features in process and provide feedback to engineering in a timely

*Experience with version control and build environments is a big plus

Impress us with your:

* User-interface architecture, knowledge and experience,

*Examples from before and after you have worked your magic,

*Technical training or training design experience,

*Interest in creating elegant UIs,

*Graphic design skills (for web apps, icons, or for documentation), HTML,
DHTML, XML, Javascript and browser design knowledge, or other skills which
might be useful in a small organization.

Bob Davis
Sr. Recruiter
Opsware, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
bdavis at

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