JOB: Messagefirst is Hiring for Research, Usability, and Interaction Design Positions

16 Apr 2007 - 6:36am
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Todd Warfel

(My apologies if you get this message several times due to my several
listserv cross-postings. And please feel free to pass this on to
anyone else who might be interested)

Messagefirst ( is a small boutique user
experience consultancy with a strong focus on research, including
usability testing, and interaction design. We're growing and looking
for top notch mid-senior level talent. These positions are open to
both contract/freelance and permanent. Contract candidates will have
the opportunity to come onboard full-time.

Are you really talented, want to work in a cool space, and love being
around other talented people? Want to make an impact on our industry?
Do your thoughts of how you could change the world and fix broken
products keep you up at night?

What are we looking for?
-> The perfect candidate is well-rounded enough to do both research
and interaction design.
-> Ideal candidates will excel at either research or design and at least
understand how the two compliment each other.
-> You know how to balance theory with your experience in the trenches.
-> Your know how to take a goal-based data-driven design approach.
-> You know have a clue what Web 2.0 means, when to use it, and when
to avoid it.
-> You're not stuck in always doing things the same old way just because
that's how it's always done - you love to explore new ideas and
solutions (even if they fail)
-> You live in the Philadelphia or tri-state area (if you're really
we'll consider telecommuting or remote work)

Your experience and background should include:
--> Have 5+ years experience performing research, usability testing, or
interaction design.
--> Have been the principal IA on several major web site projects,from
start to finish.
--> Be able to present to senior executives
--> Be able to show examples of almost all of the following typical
* Personas
* Task flows, sitemaps, wireframes
* Usability test scripts
* Final report of research findings

Please forward resumé, examples of work (URLs will work), description
of what you did/role you played in the example work, and your rate/
salary requirements to todd at


Todd Zaki Warfel
Partner, Design & Usability Specialist
Messagefirst | Designing Information. Beautifully.
Contact Info
Voice: (215) 825-7423
Email: todd at
AIM: twarfel at
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In practice, they are not.


11 May 2010 - 2:30pm

Hi there - I'm recruiting for EuroRSCG - they are looking for a junior level IA - let me know if you're interested and send a resume - thanks! Danielle

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Subject: Re: [IxDA] JOB: Messagefirst is Hiring for Research, Usability, and Interaction Design Positions
Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 3:06 AM

Its kind of late to apply for most internships or research jobs for
this summer. I am looking for some kind of summer job involved in the
sciences at  Jobs Weiden [1]  this there anything left i could still
apply for or inquire about?

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