Workshop: Help craft a shared vocabulary for HCI/usability/ID at UPA conf.

23 Apr 2007 - 8:37pm
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Duane Degler

Apologies for cross-posting.

"Creating a Usability Ontology" workshop, at the Usability Professionals'
Association (UPA) conference. Monday, June 11, 2007, Austin, TX, USA. More
details on the workshop description page:

Developing a sharable, reusable ontology for our domain(s) is an idea whose
time has come. There is an increasing need to organize resources
consistently, as well as the need to support cross-reference between
concepts and across disciplines. Increasingly, categorization and metadata
are appearing in all aspects of user experience, and so using these tools
internally is valuable.

This workshop will create an initial ontology to cover the broad territory
of HCI, usability, UCD, ID, and user experience. The initial ontology that
we create must be robust enough to cover the breadth of our professional
field, but simple enough to be useful. It must contain language that is
recognized by practitioners, academics, and ideally by people from related
disciplines. It needs to be able to grow collaboratively over time. The
long-term goal is to begin framing something that can be shared by
publishers, resource sites, tagging sites, community forums, and even used
within organizations by usability/design practitioners who create references
for use by others.

The workshop will be held on June 11th 2007, in conjunction with the UPA
2007 conference in Austin, TX
There is a fee for attending the workshop, to support the cost of the room
and breakfast/lunch provided to all attendees.

We do not require a traditional paper to participate in the workshop.
Instead, we would like a brief statement of your background/interest, and
also an example of some existing vocabulary or taxonomy in this domain that
can help contribute to the discussion. More details can be found at the
workshop description page online.

Thanks for your interest,

Duane Degler
Lisa Battle

Co-organizers, "Creating a Usability Ontology" workshop

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