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25 Apr 2007 - 5:59am
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Minkó Misi


MS Office 2007 user case scenario and some questions. :)

I installed MS Office 2007 and i wanted to copy and paste a piece of
text, with mouse selection and right click - > "copy" than -> "paste".
The UI of MS Office 2007 conveniently show the context menus half
transparently after some text was selected, so it's very easy to change
the font, fontsize, weight etc. of the text, and also shows a secondary
context menu with which i can make other things with the text.
Among these are the "copy" and "paste" menu items.

Real problem:
When the text was at the bottom of the screen, the longer context menu
(with copy, paste, etc.) appeared over the short one (with font stuff,
etc.). So i have had to move my mouse to a greater distance to reach
"copy", than in the normal case, because when the screen is big enoughe
these appaer like this: 1st font stuff, than the copy paste etc. context

Not a big distance i have to admit, and i don't think it will happen
often. But inconvenient.
And than the great idea came to my mind. :D
So i thought i ask you about it, because you know much more about
context menus than me.
Do you know such a context menu, which in this case (when it must appaer
at the bottom of the screen) simply changes the order of context menu
items? Like vertically mirror them, so the important cm items will be
closer to the mouse (or any pointer).

Thank you for your patience:


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