USID2007 || Call for Papers from Professionals, Academicians and Students

26 Apr 2007 - 12:11am
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HCI Hyderabad

Call for Papers

Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. While hardware and software matured at a very fast pace, equal adoption of these technologies however continued to exclude individuals and communities from harnessing the true benefits. The power of design to link technology to the latent needs of users had not been fully exploited. The result is failure to connect people with solutions that make a positive impact on their lives.
Professionals, Academicians and Students are invited to submit papers on any of the listed topics addressing various design issues and insights on methodologies that should be employed to build a usable and accessible Information Society.
To leverage the emerging technology, one needs to rethink on the various learning approaches and what it means to be digitally fluent. Do we need to move beyond the traditional approach towards teaching and rather influence technology to build a social framework that fosters learning?
Complex social structures are evolving as a consequence of greater mobility, establishing a common shared world. The term 'user experience' is often misunderstood within the mobile telecoms industry. How can the industry develop the entire value chain that delivers an experience without losing focus on the end customer?
The growing demand for better content with personalized services has posed new navigation challenges for the integrated medium, disputing the very purpose of entertainment. What would it take to enable consumers to enjoy, manage and interact with all kinds of content from any source in a simple and easy way?
Today most of the new jobs require some proficiency in IT skills and it makes sense for every employer to adjust and adapt their IT for everyone to use comfortably. What are the challenges ahead for hardware and software technology providers to enable basic access to computing for all people - including those with disabilities?
Trust & Reliability
As business relies more and more on technologies and infrastructures that reduce geographical distances, the communication networks and associated information systems become vulnerable to integrity. How can this Trust be developed and what are the challenges in building this “Infrastructure” ?
With the advent of new technologies, citizens, political parties, and non-government organizations acquire new interaction mechanisms to influence the governing process. How to establish transparency and effectiveness to information delivery system that encourages citizen participation in the decision making process?
For registration, send email to usidpaper at with your name, institution/ organization, and the topic.

Important Dates
§ Registration closes: May 05th 2007
§ Submission closes: May 20th 2007
The papers short-listed by the review panel will be presented during the USID2007 and all accepted papers shall be published in the USID2007 Conference Proceedings.

For details visit:
HCI-Hyderabad 1st Anniversary Celebrations. www.hci-hyderabad. org
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