CHI 2007 Informal SIG: Optimizing Agile UCD

29 Apr 2007 - 8:44am
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Desiree Sy

CHI Informal SIG: Optimizing Agile User-Centred Design
If you are an experienced interaction designer or usability practitioner who has worked on an Agile project, and you want to improve your next experience with Agile user-centred design, join our group.

* To determine best user experience practices for Agile user-centred design.
* To make future Agile UCD projects more positive experiences for user experience professionals (although participants' past experiences do not need to be positive ones).

Areas of investigation:
* Are there common factors that can affect the success of Agile UCD? Which of these factors do interaction designers have control over?
* What skills do interaction designers have that Agile projects need most?
* What opportunities do Agile projects give interaction designers that waterfall (or other non-Agile) projects do not? How do we capitalize on the opportunities?
* What obstacles stand in the way of these opportunities? Can we address them?
* Sharing user experience methods or practices that have worked well for participants.

NOTE: Several participants have already done some preparation work for this session, and there is a fairly full agenda in place.
This informal SIG will NOT define Agile development practices or terms. This session assumes prior experience on an Agile project using UCD practices.

Location & time:
Room C1
Tuesday 1-May-07, 2:30-6:00pm

For more information, please contact Desirée Sy at agile.UCD at

Desirée Sy
Interaction Designer, User Experience Group
work: (416) 874-8296 | fax: (416) 369-6150
Autodesk Canada, Inc | 210 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 1J7

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