IxDA Sweden - Next event: Experiences on IxD and ID

9 May 2007 - 12:20pm
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Hi all!

Next IxDA event in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of May will be a
number of presentations on interaction design from an industrial
design perspective. We have invited speakers from a number of design
agencies and companies in Sweden to talk on their interaction design
experiences on products with digital attributes tightly coupled with
physical attributes.

The invited speakers are interaction and/or industrial designers from:

* Electrolux (http://electrolux.com)
* Ergonomidesign (http://ergonomidesign.com)
* Propeller (http://propeller.se)
* Myra Indsutriell design (http://myradesign.se)
(More details to follow)

The event is hosted by Antrop (http://antrop.se)

As the event was announced on the Swedish announce list a couple of
days ago, seats are already starting to run out. So to secure one,
RSVP to sweden at ixda.org now!

All the best.

Niklas Wolkert
IxDA Sweden

With people from http://www.nordes.org/ (The second Nordic Design
Research Conference) in town on the day of the event we're hoping for
some interesting discussions.

The resemblance of topic with the upcoming NYC event is a pure
coincidence. I guess we're interested in the same kind of things :) ?


11 May 2007 - 3:50am

A test.

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