Standards development for industry applications (byyesterday :-)

18 May 2007 - 11:33am
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Kurt Morris

Have you looked at the Y! Developer Network? Their YUI library may or may not be appropriate for your application(s); if it isn't, it may be a good place for insight/ideas on how to approach. If so, the library and API docs are downloadable from their site.

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Hello all,

I need some advice! We are currently developing a set of standards for for interface design and user interaction at my company. I have found many examples of style guides for e-commerce applications and public web-sites, but very little guidance regarding more complex industry-based applications.
Has anyone had any experience in creating and applying standards to a diverse set of industry strength applications?

My company deals with functionality such as timeslot booking, complex data entry/viewing, and transaction-based communication. We have already defined some standards for basic visual design and interface elements (headers, menus, tables, forms, etc.), and now management would like a set of standards for screen layout and interaction design that can be applied to all new development projects.

Any advice on how to approach such an assignment? I would particularly appreciate some insight into how we could provide something basic but useful to our developers *right now* (or as soon as we can create it), and then build on the standards as we go. We want to get some basic standards out asap to support a number of projects that will soon be underway. Eventually we want to provide a comprehensive set of templates and possible interaction components, but this will take time, since we have 6+ product types and only
3 of us in the (brand new :-) user experience department.

Thanks in advance,

- liz

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