Please advice: Interaction Design at Umea Insititute of Design or New Media at Media Lab (UIAH)?

27 May 2007 - 11:46am
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Hi All,

I am from India and seek advice from all the members of this group in
helping me in taking an informed decision.

I have got admission calls for Masters in Interaction Design at *Umea Institute of Design, Sweden* & also for Masters in New Media at *Media Lab, University of Art & Design Helsinki* *(UIAH) Finland*.

I am confused which one to opt for as both are quite reputed in their own
field & both the programs seem equally attractive.

My back ground: B.Tech. in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) from
India & have 1.5+ years of experience as User-Interface Designer at India's
leading IT firm.

My future goal: I am more inclined towards research rather than working in
the domain of product development or services. So after completion of
masters I would either aim to work in a research lab or do a PHD in a field
where culture, design, sociology & technology come together.

Umea seems to be a very competitive. I got to know that 12 students selected
this year come from 8 or 9 different nations, It also provides good platform
for getting connected with global firms. Whereas Media Lab, UIAH has
established research groups in collaboration with reputed universities of
the world.

Please enlighten me on what all should I consider while making the final
choice considering the above information.

Waiting to hear something from the esteemed members of this group.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhigyan Singh

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