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29 May 2007 - 10:38am
9 years ago
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Rune Sandberg

Hi all,

After checking out the new community site, I believe that I will
probably change the way I'm subscribing to this mailing list. Instead
of receiving everything through email, I would probably subscribe to
the feed and use the community forum a lot more as I prefer this way
of interaction.

When checking out the beta, the IxDa Recent Discussions are filled
with Job posts. By launching the community it seems like IxDA has
grown out of being a mailing list and perhaps can separate the job
postings into it's own forum where select individuals can seek these
if they are on a job hunt. It even seems to be a lucrative business
model these days (I recently paid $300 to post to 37Signals' jobs

I'm super excited about the new site. Good job guys... and Luke: you're
my hero... hehe :)



29 May 2007 - 11:06am
Jeff Howard

Hi Rune,

Thanks for the feedback. If you decide to unsubscribe from e-mail
delivery, I wanted to let you (and others) know that you can do it
directly from your profile now instead of using the byzantine Mailman


Just go to your profile and choose:
Edit Profile > Subscription

You can unsubscribe or just temporarily put your e-mail on hold to
try out the new services. (This is also useful if you go on vacation
and want to disable e-mail so your auto-responder doesn't go crazy).

// jeff

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Posted from the new ixda.org

29 May 2007 - 11:27am
Greg Petroff

Props to Jeff and Team,


Can you provide the community a short description of the features on the
new experience and what we hope people will do with it? Notice I said
"community" and not list.


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