Re: Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

15 Jun 2004 - 3:13pm
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Christian Simon

> on 6/15/04 12:01, wrote:
> I have to agree with the sentiments of others here in that this is rather OT
> and I don't consider it interaction design at all. Actually when I saw the
> first lines:
> Another brilliant fashion/interaction design project:

Rarely is the word "brilliant" ever used in politics. I saw this as an
expression similar to political posters and other graphic arts uses of
typography. The character of the shirts is an result of sans serif letters
on orange t-shirts. ("Department of Public Works"?) Conveying a personal
message about another person to each and every person that meets the person
wearing this t-shirt. In this way it takes a very dramatic message and
delivers it in a physical way that is also intimate. Double the emotive

I appreciate the sentiment if not the execution. Why Bush? Why not someone
who voted for Bush? Oh yeah, that's the Fall Fashion Show. Ehehe



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