What makes a good prototyping tool? (was RE: Rapid Prototyping (was: Konfabulator))

16 Jun 2004 - 2:06pm
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Dave Malouf

What makes a good prototyping tool?
What are the qualities we need as IxDers?

- dave

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>FWIW, I thought I'd share several techniques that my firm uses for
>rapid prototyping.

>1. Visio. Since all our IA schematics/wireframes originate in Visio,
>it's fairly easy to assign objects HTML links and export your Visio
>deck as HTML. This is a great way to also test your IA thinking on test
>audiences and conduct wireframe usability reviews. Adobe Illustrator
>and Macromedia Freehand can do similar stuff, but the true multi-page
>Visio environment is easier to manage.

I use Canvas from ACD Systems (formerly Deneba) to do the same thing except
I tend to export to PDF. In Canvas, HTML or in document hyperlinks are easy
to assign to any object. Canvas also supports multi-page documents and also
exports to HTML and PDF (along with a host of other formats).

Others here do the same sort of thing in PowerPoint (but with considerably
more effort). On the plus side for PowerPoint, everyone here has a copy
(corporate license), so anyone can view and modify the prototype. If
absolutely pushed, I'll do my wireframes in Canvas and then do the linking
in prototype (under duress).


Ron Vutpakdi
vutpakdi at acm.org

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