[PLUG} Adaptive Path's UX Week; 13-16 August; Washington, D.C.; Discount Reg ends June 8

4 Jun 2007 - 6:33pm
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Peter Merholz


The program for Adaptive Path's UX Week is nearly complete, and I can
say without reservation that it is the premier user experience
conference out there:


August 13-16, Washington, D.C.

Topics covered include:
- service design
- rich internet applications
- accessibility (for rich internet applications)
- design and research for mobile devices
- social media
- agile development and user-centered design processes
- documentation
- and more

And we have a bunch of great speakers, including:
- Deborah Adler (lead designer of the new Target pill bottle)
- Jan Chipchase (design researcher for Nokia)
- Jared Spool (I'm sure you know who he is)
- Bill deRouchey (history of the button!)
- Bill Scott (Ajax guru)
- Dan Brown (communicating design)
- Liz Sanders (leading practitioner of participatory design)
- and a bunch of Adaptive Path folk

Use promotional code FOPM and receive 15% off the registration price.


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