REQUEST: IP-phone interface issues, especially with touchscreens

18 Jun 2004 - 5:50am
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Kuso Mendokusee


Our company is about to start refactoring of customer's IP-phone
software & i am searching for guidelines or case studies of such or
related work.

Could anyone point me to such guidelines/methodics/studies about
developing an UI for IP-telephony? Currently I am asking not for
guidance on UI in general, that i've got a great many.

I will appreciate your replies & publish a summary.

Good samples of existing easy-to-use interfaces appreciated also.
Skype ( is considered easy-to-use.

Guidelines on touchscreen interfaces appreciated too -- please guide
me, if i need to split it to another request and/or summary.


P.S. I've posted a very similar request to CHI-WEB due to monitoring
of no activity on CHI-IDI, CHI-II lists. I will appreciate your
guidance on better places to post such a request.

Sincerely, Kuso Mendokusee.
mailto: mendokusee at
WackoWiki Team (

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