Announcing changes to IxDA’s leadership

14 Jun 2007 - 9:25am
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Robert Reimann

Dear IxDA Members,

We are very happy to announce the addition of 2 new Directors to the
Board of the IxDA. Please welcome Elizabeth (Liz) Bacon and Niklas
Wolkert. Both Liz and Niklas have been very active in developing local
IxDA communities. Liz has been working hard to create a strong IxDA
community in Portland, Oregon and Niklas has been key to the
development of the thriving IxDA scene in Sweden. We look forward to
their contributions to the Board and their continued efforts to build
IxDA at the local level.

Here are short bios for our new Directors:

Elizabeth Bacon
Chief Design Officer, Devise

Liz discovered her calling as an interaction designer in 1999 while
obtaining her Master's degree. That year, she joined Cooper, where she
consulted on IxD projects for complex software systems and digital
products, and also helped advance Cooper's methodology and practice.
In 2002, Liz helped establish the Human Factors group at St. Jude
Medical, a Fortune 100 company that develops implantable medical
devices. At St. Jude, she led all facets of user experience design
work. Today, Liz is Chief Design Officer of Devise LLC, an interaction
design consultancy based in Portland, Oregon.

Niklas Wolkert
Senior Interaction Designer, Strand Interconnect, Sweden

After graduating with an MFA in industrial design and interaction
design from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden in 1998 Niklas started
in the web industry and after two years went on to spend five years in
telecom working with user experience aspects at several entities
within the TeliaSonera group. He is currently working as a senior
interaction design consultant at Strand Interconnect AB for larger
corporations and governmental institutes in Sweden. In May 2006 Niklas
started the Swedish IxDA Local Group in Stockholm organizing lectures
and workshops quarterly. Through June 2007 the local community in
Sweden has grown to 180+ members. Niklas is also the initiator of the
monthly IxD F2Fs in Stockholm called ThirdThursday.

IxDA is a very young organization, and is still designing and refining
its organizational structure. This structure is based on two simple
ideas: local grassroots involvement and global stewardship through the
Board. We encourage our members to organize at the local level and let
the Board know what you are doing! Local leaders and volunteers that
make outstanding contributions to the IxDA community may be invited to
become future Directors of the organization.

The current number of Directors on the Board is now 7, down from our
original Board size of 14. At our annual Board Retreat last year, the
sitting Board agreed that decision-making would be more agile and
responsive if the number of Directors were reduced to either 7 or 9
Directors. Each Director assessed their own ability to commit time and
energy to the development of the organization, and then ascertained if
they felt that they should continue in their role. Over the last year,
9 of the original 14 Directors have decided that because of work or
life circumstances they needed to step down, and we have added two to
reach the minimum board size. Each of the retiring Directors has made
an impact on defining our organization, and I hope that you will join
me in extending our heartfelt thanks for their efforts and
contributions in helping IxDA get to where it is today.

Many thanks to:

Micah Alpern
Mauro Cavalletti
Lisa deBettencourt
Pabini Gabriel-Petit
Lada Gorlenko
Kevin Narry
Frank Ramirez
Carrie Ritch
Luke Wroblewski

Currently, the sitting Board nominates new candidates and elects them
to the Board of Directors. This process may change as the IxDA
matures, in order to involve the community more directly. Directors
serve for staggered, 2-year terms. You can read more about the current
IxDA Board of Directors at:

Again, we extend a warm welcome to our new Directors and a sincere
thank you to our departed Directors!

Best Regards,

Robert Reimann
President, IxDA

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