CfP: MobileHCI'07: Users' Attachment to Mobile Devices and Services

16 Jun 2007 - 6:09pm
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Call for Papers


MobileHCI 2007 Workshop, Singapore, September 9th, 2007

*Users' Attachment to Mobile Devices and Services*

Workshop website:


People own and use many different products, which provide to them
functional and symbolic benefits. They develop a long-term relationship
with the product - they become attached to them. Users' attachment has
been a topic with various special-purpose products and artefacts, but
has mostly been neglected with everyday technologies. Similarly, current
methods do not address the dynamic nature of the attachment, which
evolves over time and during interaction.

Following topics provide a rough framework and should always be seen in
the face of the main goal to discuss users' attachment towards mobile
devices and services:

* Identifying and understanding various factors of users'
* Differences between device and service attachment
* Role of attachment in various phases of user interaction
* Overall context factors that influence users' attachment (e.g.
geographical, emotional, physical)
* Application potentials making use of attachment factors and
features, including social, psychological, cultural and other factors
* Human-centric approaches to the development of context
* Interaction and interface design for attachment-aware mobile and
ubiquitous applications
* Modelling attachment using semantic technologies
* Impact of users' attachment on the diverse aspects of user
* Methods for designing, assessing, and evaluating users'
attachment in diverse settings
* Novel, visionary, and futuristic ideas and approaches to
attachment-aware applications

The workshop will contain trigger presentations, with most of the time
devoted to group discussions towards understanding users' attachment and
the potential research avenues ahead. The outcome would be a set of
promising concepts, models and methods for assessing and evaluating
users' attachment with mobile devices and services.

Researchers and developers that want to contribute to a vivid discussion
leading to users' attachment to mobile devices and services are invited
to submit a maximum 4 pages position paper in the ACM template format
(, on above relevant
topic for the workshop, including challenges and solutions for the
development of mobile devices and services which engender emotional

Submission should be uploaded as a PDF before July 16, 2007 on the
workshop website


Deadline for submissions: July 16, 2007

Feedback to authors: July 31, 2007

Workshop at MobileHCI'07: September 9, 2007


Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg, ICT&S Center, Austria)

Jason Griffin (Research in Emotion - RIM, Canada)
Thomas Mirlacher (University of Salzburg, ICT&S Center, Austria)
Marianna Obrist (University of Salzburg, ICT&S Center, Austria)
Kristijan Mihalic (USA)

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