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23 Jun 2004 - 3:04pm
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Christian Simon

> on 6/23/04 12:01, wrote:
> okay. i will get a bit more concrete. in the cms im working on i'm going
> to have a list of pages. its possible that pages have subpages, which
> again have subpages and so on.

>From a programming standpoint, I would be inclined to agree with others here
who feel that the best solution is the simplest, a list with tabbed
sub-categories and checkboxes. You'd have a lot of decisions just to decide
how to divide the content or where to put the box.

If you're looking for a designed solution, I can imagine several
alternatives that could be made to solve your example. The first thing that
comes to mind are bread crumbs.

Bread crumbs are found most often in forum sites and some Wiki sites use
them. The benefit of the bread crumb is that it combines the clarity of a
tree structure with the compactness that is effective for individual pages.
This would be a disadvantage if you need to see the full tree at once. I
have nothing on how bread crumbs have been effective for any other
commertial applications.

Good Luck, Christian

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