IxDA IDEA FARM | NYC & Beyond | Call for Submissions

21 Jun 2007 - 10:17am
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Dave Malouf

IxDA IDEA FARM | NYC & Beyond | Call for Submissions

You know who you are: you're passionately cool about design, user
experience, technology, and networking in one of the greatest
communities around.

Whatever your pathway into the field, whatever your title, as an
interaction designer you find you simply HAVE to take a stand -- with
your clients, your project teams, your colleagues -- for the best
possible experience design, no holds barred!

You read the discussion threads and quibble about what the self-made
gurus are saying. You have "a-ha!" moments when someone across the
world (or across the room) gets where you're coming from. You attend
events and conferences. Or think about attending them when you have to
work late instead.

You work and study and practice and proselytize...and you have
opinions and questions.

Who you are is all of us. We are the IxDA, a volunteer-based
organization that focuses on the furthering the field of interaction
design by educating, connecting and inspiring designers around the

IDEA FARM | Call for Submissions

Your NYC-area planning committee is "farming ideas" for future
2007-2008 IxDA events. We want to know what's top-of-mind for you.
After all, we are a user-centered design community so we're coming
right to you:

1. What do you want to hear/see/participate in during upcoming IxDA events?

2. Are there any particular event formats you'd like to see?

3. Do you have proposals for your own content that we can help you
share with the community?

4. Do you know someone locally who has done work that inspires you?

5. Do you have feedback on what IxDA events you've enjoyed in the past?

Drop us a note at nyc (at) ixda (dot) org with "IDEA: [Subject
summarizing idea]" in the subject line and your specific ideas in the
body of the message. If you are proposing an event that you are
speaking at or want to create please be sure to include enough
information to clearly communicate your ideas. We suggest between 150
- 250 words.

Note: If you are not in the NYC area and have a great idea please feel
free to get in touch. The IxDA may be able to turn your idea into a
reality across multiple locations -- including yours.

Thank you! What you have to contribute will inspire others.

-- NYC IxDA Steering Committee

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