IxDA June Pledge Drive Day 4 Thursday June 22nd!

21 Jun 2007 - 10:55am
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Greg Petroff

IxDA June Pledge Drive Day 4 Thursday June 22nd!

Pledge Drive Update:
Drive to date: $6750
Today's Goal: $2000
Goal for entire Drive $8,000

Today's challenge is from Adaptive Path.

We're happy to announce Adaptive Path is pledging to match any donations
we receive today, up to $1,000 from 9:00 am Thursday June 22 until 9:00
am Friday June 23. And anyone who donates more than $100 will receive a
20% discount off any Adaptive Event during the next 12 months. That can
mean a savings of up to $400, making back your pledge and then some!

Learn more about Adaptive Path at: http://www.adaptivepath.com/

Learn more about Adaptive Path Events at:

Here's what IxDA community member and Adaptive Path Founder Peter
Merholz has to say about the IxDA:

"The IxDA is becoming an invaluable resource for networking within the
growing profession of interaction designers. We've hired people we've
discovered through IxDA, and love the community dialogue."

It's easy to contribute! Please give what you can. To contribute online,
go to ixda.org and click on the "Donate" button or the "Paypal" link in
the right-hand sidebar.

Alternately, you can send a check via snail mail to:

Interaction Design Association
PO Box 1181
Palo Alto, CA 94302

We appreciate whatever you can contribute!
It's the last day of the drive everyone. Remember to Pledge!


21 Jun 2007 - 2:51pm
Greg Petroff

I am sure you are getting tired of my posts. We are almost at the end
of our pledged drive and we still need help to reach our goal.

So far in the first 3 hours of today we have recieved only $100.00 in
pledges. We have a dollar for dollar match from Adaptive Path today
that we don't want to loose. Please give. Any amount is fine.

Also remember that if you pledge $100.00 or more today you get 20% of
any (1) Adaptive Path Event in the next 12 months. That's a great
deal and worth more then the contribution alone!!!

-We got 21 hours to raise $900.00. I know we can do it.


22 Jun 2007 - 10:06am
Greg Petroff

Hello IxDA Community,

Thanks so much for your contributions yesterday.

We met our match goal from Adaptive Path by raising $1588.25 dollars.
With Adaptive Path%u2019s $1000 match we exceeded our $2000 goal for
the day! Well done again!

Again a special thank you to our Thursday Corporate Sponsor, Adaptive

Learn more about Adaptive Path at www.adaptivepath.com

And we would like to thank the following community members who gave
yesterday and agreed to let us post their names.

Douglas Anderson
Russell Wilson
Jonathan Melhuish
Vishal Iyer
Beril Guvendik
Kristen Johansen
Michele Marut
Dmitry Nekrasovski
Gil G de Barros
Robert Nero
Fredrik Matheson
Fred Leise
Marie Hwang
Alexander Blazic
Jason de Runa
Edwin Booth
Jane Childs
Amy Silvers
Erin Hawk
Donna Maurer
Susan Michael
Juhan Sonin
Joel Eden
Wendy Fischer
Trip O'Dell
Steven Pautz
Emily Yang
Chris Palle
Jim Drew
Dan Safer
Bill DeRouchey
Grace Lau
Sunandini Basu
Philipp Schröder
Tommy Eskelinen
Katie Ware
Jeremiah Peschka
Petteri Hiisilä
Susan Patrick
Ron Vutpakdi
Elizabeth Whitworth
Jennifer Bohmbach

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