JOB: Interaction Designer - Immediate Opening

21 Jun 2007 - 11:54am
9 years ago
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Interaction Designer

We have several large scale projects on the schedule -- we need to
hire now!!!

About the Studio
DesignMap Inc. is a small but growing design studio with each
principal having over 10 years of continuous and direct experience in
web-based design. We have fantastic clients, from Fortune 50 to fully
funded startups. Our goal is to provide a very high level of design
expertise, cost-effectively for our clients. We consciously avoid the
pitfalls of a large interactive agency, but employ similar user-
centered design methods and process.

We are looking to find designers that will want to help grow the
studio and be a critical part on our team for the foreseeable future.
We have renovated and opened a great design studio right downtown,
half a block from the New Montgomery BART/Muni stop. Very convenient
location for both commuters or city-based people.

We are looking for a very talented and motivated interaction designer
for help on a range of projects. We are specifically looking for
designers with a Graphic Design or Interactive Design degree, or
equivalent work experience.

Follow a user-centered methodology and approach
Design and execute wireframes
Design and execute mockups
Create specifications

2-4 years of direct experience designing both content websites and
web-based applications
Expert at Photoshop and Illustrator
Expert at coding CSS/HTML
Excellent at communicating design concepts
Direct experience in the IT industry, ability to understand complex
business and technical requirements

Ability to work in a close knit design team
Ability to spot from 20 yards a pixel out of place on a mockup
Innate balance of form and function
Truly enjoy design, in all forms

Please review our site and portfolio of work. Provide a text/Word/PDF
version and samples of work. We would like to see a range of final
deliverables and interim deliverables created during the course a


21 Jun 2007 - 2:27pm

>From the job description: "Ability to spot from 20 yards a pixel out of
place on a mockup"

Funny -- as the keeper of design standards for Fidelity, I used to hire
people who can "spot an errant pixel at 20 paces..."

Almost the same wording...did the person who wrote that ever work for

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